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works of art on display in this year’s Summer exhibition

The Art department strive to encourage and inspire all pupils so that they may have a genuine love of art and confidence in whatever area they have strength. All pupils experience a wide range of materials to develop their practical skills, with relevant historical and theoretical references to support their ideas and underpin their practice. Whether they continue with an art-related practice or not beyond their school life, they all leave with a strong visual awareness. Curiosity, risk-taking and rigour are fundamental to what we do.

Key Stage 3:

Students in Years 7 - 9 have one period of Art each week. Through the broad programme of two and three-dimensional work, with related critical and contextual studies, pupils are encouraged to develop technical and creative skills. There is an emphasis on recording from direct observation and experimenting fully with a wide range of media. Studios are open at lunchtimes and after school for a variety of clubs, which include printmaking, photography and life drawing. There are numerous trips to London galleries throughout the year to support and develop students' work, most notably the Thurrock trip which explores behind the scenes of the Royal Opera House with workshops in designing costumes and sets.


The GCSE Art course focuses on the fine balance between allowing pupils creative independence and giving them the ability to challenge their preconceptions, whilst fully addressing all the examination criteria. In Year 10, students have a foundation of exploring and improving skills so that by Year 11 they have a clearer understanding of the process of completing a project. The residential trip to Oxford each year has been hugely popular and has inspired students in their own practice, as well as considering options for higher education.

Extension Activities:

Studios are open at lunchtimes and after school for a variety of clubs including printmaking, photography and life drawing. Students have the opportunity to enter their work in design and photography competitions, and to attend talks and workshops from external speakers. The department run a series of talks called 'D.I.C.E' (Discuss Inspire Create Engage) where artists, curators, gallery owners and critics come in to speak to pupils and to run workshops. The department maintains lively and challenging displays of work throughout the school and there were over 350 works of Art on display in the Summer Exhibition.

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