Collaboration with Schools

Putney High School work in collaboration with state and independent schools in a variety of ways, from inviting pupils to attend events to working on projects to raise student aspirations.

Cool to be Clever

Year 4 pupils from local primary schools enjoyed a Maths Code-breaking Masterclass as part of Putney's Cool to be Clever programme. The Programme is a collaboration between Putney and Roehampton University and it is aimed at raising aspirations through the provision of Gifted and Talented Masterclasses for Year 4 pupils over three years until they leave primary school.

It's all about WiLpower

Music partnership with Brandlehow School

Following on from Putney's Year 6 music scholars performing at Brandlehow School last year, seven of the Brandlehow violinists from Year 3 and Year 5 came to perform to the Junior School. The performers used the experience as good performance preparation for their graded exams which they are taking shortly.

LAMDA Partnership Reaps Exam Success

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