Pre-U Mandarin

Did you know?
of pupils taking Pre-U Mandarin Chinese achieved a Distinction in 2017

Why should I study Modern Languages?

Languages provide an excellent practical skill. They combine superbly with any other subject and can be a useful contrasting subject if you are studying the sciences. They are intellectually demanding, develop confidence and the ability to present your ideas on a broad range of topics, both in writing and in debate. Furthermore, contact with a different culture broadens the mind. Language skills are much prized by employers in every field of work.

What will I need to study Modern Languages?

An A or A* grade in the chosen language is a pre-requisite for Pre-U.

Structure and Outline of the course

Study of Mandarin in the Sixth Form leads to the Pre-U examination at the end of Year 13. The syllabus aims to bring the teaching and learning of Mandarin Chinese into close contact with the target language culture and, above all, with authentic language. The development of Mandarin Chinese linguistic skills is complemented by the development of analytical study skills and essay-writing skills for the Chinese Culture component, thus resulting in a syllabus which provides a very sound foundation for study at university level.

You should read widely around the topics studied so that you have general knowledge, as well as specialised vocabulary; you will develop the ability to argue and defend opinions on controversial issues

Every pupil will have one hour’s oral lesson in a small group

Method of Assessment (Cambridge Pre-U Mandarin)

Y13  Pre-U Principal Course (Topics: Family, Young People, Education, Media, Work and Leisure and Environment)

Paper 1      Speaking
Paper 2      Listening, Reading and Translation
Paper 3      Writing and Usage
Paper 4      Chinese culture (in English)

These qualifications are equivalent to A Level.

Student Comments

"Pre-U Mandarin has given me a lot more freedom than GCSE and allows me to express my opinions on a variety of interesting issues. The culture aspect also works well with the language component, allowing you to connect more with the language and giving you a deeper understanding of Chinese culture."

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