World Class Universities Programme

All of our students should feel empowered to apply to the very best universities in the world. Our bespoke World Class Universities programme provides them with the perfect platform from which to do so.

The programme is delivered through extension sessions for all students who intend to apply to World Class Universities. Such sessions are designed to provide opportunities for students to extend their knowledge and understanding in their chosen fields, as well as to develop their intellectual agility through debate and interview preparation. The programme begins in Year 12 and continues into Year 13.

Students are given an academic mentor, who provides them with advice and guidance that is specific to them, as well as support through the wider application process.

Entrance to Cambridge and Oxford, as well as for Medicine and Law, has become increasingly competitive. These universities and courses not only interview rigorously but in many cases require students to sit a detailed entrance test. Our provision allows students to be as prepared as possible for making strong, competitive applications.

Alongside preparatory sessions within school, we are also able to offer external, professional training sessions for Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine and Law. Such sessions allow us to provide an extra level of support for students.

US Universities Coordinator

Our US Universities co-ordinator has a great deal of expertise in helping students stand out in applying to the very best institutions that America has to offer. The support enables students to think globally in their ambitions.

Our programme includes:

  • Advice on choosing the right college
  • SAT/ACT entrance test preparation
  • Scholarships guidance
  • Visiting speakers and other external expertise
  • Support throughout application process

The Arts

We are also proud of our strong tradition of supporting students in preparing applications for leading music conservatoires and drama schools, and have had a great degree of success in both of these fields.

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