Psychology is a fascinating science concerned with the study of the mind, brain and behaviour. Students who study this subject find learning about psychological research fascinating and enjoyable and frequently go on to study at university. Lessons involve independent research, informal discussion, group debate, presentations and essay writing. There is a great deal of new psychological content to be covered, all with specialist vocabulary, so the course is rigorous, challenging and detailed. 

There is a sizeable part of the course that contains research methods and mathematics, so students must be aware of this before applying to study this subject for A Level and beyond. We want to encourage students to develop a sense of wonder and enlightenment about the behaviour of the people they come across, as well as gaining an awareness of themselves.

A Level:

Students study a range of famous influential psychological experiments that have radically changed our knowledge about the brain and behaviour. Psychology bridges the gap between arts and sciences so scientific and written skills are assessed.

Extension Activities: 

Psychology Society is a fortnightly discussion group run by sixth formers, open to all years, on a range of topics in Psychology that are not covered by the A Level syllabus. We run a psychology essay competition which is open to any enthusiastic Year 12 or Year 13 GDST Psychology student. Over 70 psychology students from Wimbledon, Notting Hill & Ealing and South Hampstead join Putney students every year for the Psychology GDST Conference. Previous topics covered include: face processing, body representation, teenage brain, occupational psychology and clinical psychology.

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