Once I leave school, what can I expect from Putney and the GDST?

Whether you leave the school at A Levels or before then, you are a Putney Old Girl, and will be able to take advantage of all that being a Putney and a GDST alumna has to offer. From the September following your 18th birthday, you will be able to benefit from:

  • E-newsletter once every half term from Putney, once a term from the GDST, filled with news of the school and upcoming events
  • Verve newsletter from GDST once a year in March including news from all the GDST schools
  • Invitation to your 5 Year Reunion at Putney, and then the May reunion every year after that
  • Our ‘find a friend’ service if you lose touch with friends
  • Regular news updates about your classmates and the school through facebook and twitter
  • University groups and mixers organised by the GDST
  • Careers mentoring service from the GDST
  • Careers Networking Groups organised by the GDST
  • Overseas groups should you move abroad run by the GDST

We hope you will enjoy receiving all this information, but of course it only works if we have all of your up-to-date details!

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