PHS Rowing Supporters' Association

Welcome to PHSRSA!

In January 2016 the GDST, with Putney High School, acquired the lease on a boathouse at one of the most prestigious locations on the Thames, close to Putney Bridge. With so many of our girls now enjoying rowing, the new boathouse is used in addition to our facilities at Barn Elms.

Rowing at Putney goes from strength to strength with more than 125 rowers from Years 8 to 13, all backed by an active, vibrant group of committed supporters. Run by the parents, Putney High School Rowing Supporters Association is a key part of boat club life at Putney. It involves all the year groups that row (8-13) and we organise social events and fund-raising activities for both girls and parents. The aim is to build a strong parent community and raise funds to benefit the boat club; and have fun along the way!

You can keep up to date with the Boat Club news through the Boat Club Bulletin. 

If you are a parent interested in joining the PHSRSA, please email Chair, Neal Scambler.



New Boats for the Fleet

The level of support is testament to the vigour and success of the Boat Club. With the combined fundraising efforts of PHSRSA and FOPHS, as well as sponsorship from management consulting company Accenture until 2016, 8 new boats have been purchased for the boat club. The new boats consist of 1 octuple, 3 quads and 4 doubles. These boats will allow more athletes to take to the river during water sessions and will provide better equipment for races and regattas. 

Headmistress Suzie Longstaff added: "I am delighted that an increasing number of girls are taking up rowing at Putney; the support from PHSRSA, FOPHS and Accenture is a tribute to their hard work and perseverance which is paying off with more and more success at competitions."

Fundraising Aims 2017

We are overwhelmed with the support that the PHSRSA has received from the school community and our sponsor over the last three years. We now embark on our next three year funding plan which seeks to increase the opportunities for students at Putney High School.

With our Accenture sponsorship having come to an end, we are looking to team up with another suitable sponsor to participate in our next three year funding programme. If you are interested in sponsoring the Boat Club, please email Henrietta Mayers.


More about rowing at Putney High School

Rowing was introduced as a curriculum sport in Year 9 in September 2014, and girls in the Rowing Club start from Year 7. The Club has succeeded both in terms of breadth of opportunity for all and nurturing elite squads to national and international success.

Putney High School rowers compete at prestigious events such as Henley and in America at the Head of the Charles. The club nurtures athletes through GB trials and can count wins at Hampton Head, Hammersmith Head and a 2nd place at Schools Head amongst its accomplishments. 

The club is coached by Peter Brewer, Ashley Carter, Jessica Eddie, Oliver Jack and Rachel Saunders. For further details about rowing at Putney High School please contact the Head of Rowing Ashley Carter.

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