We want pupils to develop a love of learning for its own sake and to pursue their curiosities with passion; stretched, challenged and supported by our staff.

Ours is a culture of inspiration, innovation, energy and creativity in teaching, and this character shapes the learning of our pupils.

Our staff are experts in their fields - from those who share their thinking in academic journals or at conferences, to those published authors, performers, artists, composers, playwrights or sports coaches who continue to perform at the very highest level.

At Putney High School, those who can...teach.



The Local Governing Body

Mrs C Boardman (Chair) MA, MBA
Ms A Scott-Bayfield (Deputy Chair) MA, Solicitor of the Supreme Court
Mr J Bacon BA
Mrs R Bell BSc, MSc
Ms Collette Lux MA
Mrs M Matley  
Prof C Ozanne BA, MA, DPhil
Mr Neal Scambler BSc (Hons), MRICS
Mr M Wright FCS


Trust contacts:

Ms Lucy Colegate (School Governance Manager)
Mr Martin Pilkington (GDST Head of Governance)

Girls' Day School Trust, 100 Rochester Row, London, SW1P 1JP

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