School Ethos

Putney is a school that genuinely wants the best for you and as a result, brings out the best in you."
Year 7 pupil

Putney High School is one of the UK’s leading schools, with a reputation for providing the challenge of a rich and inspiring education for bright girls aged 4 – 18.

We want pupils to develop a love of learning for its own sake and to pursue their curiosities with passion; stretched, challenged and supported by our staff. Ours is a culture of inspiration, innovation, energy and creativity in teaching, and this character shapes the learning of our pupils.

Putney High School aims to provide an environment where each girl will:

  • Encounter stimulating personal and intellectual challenges, be encouraged to appreciate the value of academic excellence, develop a love of learning, a spirit of enquiry and an independence of mind
  • Develop habits of independent thinking and mastery of its techniques so laying the pathway towards higher education and fulfilling careers
  • Receive care and guidance to help her make decisions concerning personal responsibility, moral integrity, leadership, tolerance and concern for others
  • Participate in the creative arts, sport and community service for the sake of her own enjoyment and to develop her interests and personality
  • Increase her awareness of the wider world and so aspire to make a positive contribution to society by serving others

Intellectual agility

The ability to think independently, to argue persuasively and to analyse critically is central to all that we offer. We want to equip students with an ‘intellectual agility’ to discuss, to challenge what they hear and read, to try out their own ideas and to pursue their academic curiosity.

We believe that pupils should leave Putney prepared to disrupt the world, empowered to challenge, take risks, adapt and to lead.


Our pastoral system underpins every aspect of life at school and focuses on knowing the needs of the individual. Our vision is to equip every pupil with the skills and confidence to become a woman of distinction with a strong sense of identity and integrity in the complex world of the 21st century.

Digital Learning

Putney High School is proud to be a tablet academy, leading innovation in education using cutting edge technology. Our teachers are continually sharing best practice, and seeking new ways to challenge and inspire pupils. The school recognises the power of iPads as learning tools that promote independent enquiry; stretch and challenge students and encourage collaboration. Read more about how we bring lessons to life in The Telegraph.


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