Careers Support

Putney gave me so many opportunities that spurred on my passion to pursue Engineering as my career."
Fiona Walport, now at Imperial College

Careers Support

Putney High School is committed to helping pupils realise their career aspirations. All girls are encouraged to consider their possible careers and job paths at a formative age. 

Our Careers Area in our state-of-the-art Sixth Form Centre has a wealth of careers and university-related reference material. Girls are free to access these at any time.

Services and support.

  • Options advice
  • Guidance sessions with the Head of Careers to consider choices of higher education courses and institutions, employability skills and the use of relevant resources to help inform their decisions
  • Gap Year information and the most productive way of spending this time
  • Applications, references, CVs and mock interviews. Support is aimed mostly at post-16 within the university application process
  • Futurewise profiling
  • Support with application procedures and entrance tests for Higher Education Institutions, including aptitude tests for potential doctors, dentists, vets, and lawyers (UKCAT/ BMAT /LNAT)
  • Oxbridge candidates are given additional specific guidance. This includes information on the TSA and the HAT aptitude tests as well as support and coaching for interviews
  • Specialist subject staff are always available to answer any individual questions
  • Specialist support for girls interested in US-based colleges and universities
  • Year 12 E-bulletin: Girls are given information on a range of topics from ‘taster’ days to law videoconferencing opportunities; use by employers of entries in Facebook and social networking sites; sample questions used in Oxbridge interviews; private sector providers of support for aptitude tests; ISCO updates and  gap year information

Careers Fair and Careers Focus Evenings

The school’s Careers Fair is held biannually, bringing together prospective employers and firms.

Careers Focus Evenings are also planned on a termly basis. Careers such as medicine, financial industries, fashion, design, law, journalism, engineering and architecture are highlighted. The participation of old girls as keynote speakers provides excellent role models for current students.


Girls’ membership of ISCO remains in effect until their 23rd birthday. ISCO has specialist support staff who can advise on any careers or HEI matter. Girls have the right to a second interview with an ISCO adviser at no extra charge, up to their 23rd birthday. Furthermore, the excellent range of Futurewise events and ‘taster’ days is an effective ways for girls to explore careers in depth.  

Outside speakers

Within the Putney Ideas Exchange talks, Life Skills and General Studies in the Sixth Form, speakers share their experiences with the girls.

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