AS Extended Project Qualification

Why should I complete an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)?

An EPQ is a highly valued qualification, which allows you to explore an area of interest beyond the confines of the classroom. The Extended Project will involve you getting to grips with independent research; you will be responsible for choosing your topic and question, as well as how to best present your ideas. It’s an exciting opportunity to go deeper into one of the subjects you will be studying at A Level, or to keep up with a subject that you have a particular interest in. It’s also a great chance to try a completely new subject that isn’t offered at A Level (for instance Law, International Relations or Biomedical sciences).

What will I need to take the EPQ?

You will need to be organised and have a passion for a particular subject area. You will work independently and so will need to be able to manage your own deadlines and pursue your own research.

Structure and Outline of the Course:

You will choose your topic in the Spring term of Year 12 and start researching and developing your project in the second half of the academic year. Projects will be completed by the end of the Autumn Term or early in the Spring Term of Year 13. All students are allocated a supervisor who will meet with the candidate about once a month to monitor the student’s progress and talk through ideas and any problem areas.

Method of Assessment:

There are a range of ways to present your work. Most students will typically complete an extended essay of around 5000 words on their chosen subject area, but there are also options to produce a performance, and artefact or a scientific investigation. You will also have to track your progress and complete a logbook which is assessed in conjunction with the essay.

Student Comments:

“Doing the EPQ enabled me to look at a topic outside of the curriculum that I am really interested in”

“Completing a 5000 word essay was really satisfying and I will not be daunted if asked to complete one at university”.

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