A Level Product Design: 3D Design

Why should I study Product Design: 3D Design?

3D Design is at the forefront of independent learning and technological advancement. Students combine creative and scientific principles to create a marketable and innovative product. The subject is closely related to industrial and commercial standards providing transferable skills for the future; ICT, organisational, analytical and evaluative. The course includes the study of contemporary design issues, the life cycle of a product, engineering methods and resistant materials.

What will I need to study Product Design: 3D Design?

Students are generally expected to achieve a minimum grade A in Design Technology or Art at GCSE level. As a 3D Design student you should have an interest in the development of a product from the materials used to its form and function. You should be able to generate creative solutions using different types of media. 3D Design appeals to students who are prepared to apply their problem solving and practical skills independently.

Structure and Outline of the Course:

Materials, Components and Applications
This involves the study of resistant materials and their working properties. You will develop an understanding of the manipulation of materials to manufacture products through hand and commercial practices. In addition, you will explore the use of standard components and CAD/CAM processing in modern products. Through detailed analysis you will consider broader design issues such as: the environmental sustainability of products, inclusive design and consumer safety.

Learning Through Design and Making
This is a coursework project which is chosen by you under the guidance of your teacher. You will then work individually to produce a design portfolio and marketable product. The project will cover all the skills related to designing and making. 

Design and Manufacture
You will undertake further study of materials and components, with an emphasis on major developments in technology and manufacturing systems. You will study the influence and effect of design and technology in society, design history and the role of a designer.

Design and Making Practice
This is a major design and make project. It involves the planning and development of a design proposal for a specific client of your choice. You will use a range of skills and knowledge to create a high quality product while developing an understanding of consumer needs.

Method of Assessment:

Year 12: A coursework assignment is submitted externally

Year 13: A coursework assignment is submitted externally with two externally marked written examinations

Student Comments:

“3D Design is an exhilarating subject which allows you to put your imagination into action in a challenging way.”

“The practical aspect of 3D Design has always been most enjoyable.  The freedom to design and make a product of my choice has given me valuable skills for my future career.”

“I enjoy learning about design history and how technology relates to our everyday lives.”

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