A Level MFL French/German/Spanish

Did you know?
of our French & Spanish A Level entrants achieved an A*- B in 2017

Why should I study Modern Languages?

Languages provide an excellent practical skill. They combine superbly with any other subject and can be a useful contrasting subject if you are studying the sciences. They are intellectually demanding, develop confidence and the ability to present your ideas on a broad range of topics, both in writing and in debate. Furthermore, contact with a different culture broadens the mind. Language skills are much prized by employers in every field of work.

What will I need to study Modern Languages?

An A or A* grade in the chosen language is a pre-requisite for A Level.

Structure and Outline of the course:

Language and grammar are studied thematically in the context of the following topic areas:

  • Social issues and trends, political and artistic culture
  • The skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking and translation are tackled around these themes

Two set literary texts are also studied.

Wider reading around the topics studied is essential to ensure you have general cultural knowledge, as well as specialised vocabulary and to help you develop the ability to argue and defend opinions on controversial issues in a foreign language.

Every pupil will have one hour's oral lesson in a small group each week.

Method of Assessment (French, German and Spanish)

Paper 1: Listening, reading and writing (translation into English and French/German/Spanish and written responses to texts)

Paper 2: Writing (two essays)

Paper 3: Speaking

Student Comments:

“The combination of French and Spanish is both fun and practical, helping me to broaden my understanding of language and grammar as a whole, even in English.”

“I did German at A Level because I enjoyed it so much at GCSE. I have enjoyed being able to develop my language skills and the best part of the course is when you finally get to practise the language in the country. I found it very exciting finding myself both understanding and communicating in a foreign language.”

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