A Level Latin

Why should I study Latin?

This course traditionally appeals to girls with an interest in Languages and the Arts, and is often combined with English and History in particular. With its fusion of detailed linguistic study and literary analysis, it is also the perfect complement to Maths and the three Sciences.

What will I need to study Latin?

An A grade at GCSE Latin is a pre-requisite for A Level.

Structure and Outline of the course:

We continue in Year 12 to focus on language work and girls have the opportunity to revise all language work from GCSE, as well as extending their knowledge of studying vocabulary, accidence and syntax. The two papers taken in Year 13 examine unseen translation skills and either a comprehension exercise or prose composition (translation into Latin).

The big change from GCSE will be the addition of unseen verse translation, but there will be plenty of practice over the two years and this is a great opportunity to extend your reading of fantastic authors such as Ovid, creator of some of the most thrilling love poetry ever written. As at GCSE, the study of prose and verse literature is also an important component of the A Level course, comprising 50% of examined material. There will be an opportunity to study the work of authors like the historian Tacitus, the great lawyer and orator, Cicero and the great epic poet, Virgil.

Method of Assessment:

All assessment is through written examinations at the end of Year 13. Unseen translation will be tested along with literary analysis of prose and verse set texts.

Student Comments:

“Studying Latin has been fascinating: I have greatly enjoyed the subtleties of the language and its influence on modern languages. From the literature I have gained insight into what motivates a poet to write: from the contemporary political scene to his love affairs.”

Summer Courses and the GDST Pearson and Silver Award

Each year pupils studying classical subjects at Putney go on to attend a range of summer schools in subjects such as Ancient History, Field Archaeology, Latin and Greek. The GDST recognises the value of these courses in supporting girls’ A Level studies and in preparing them for further study at university.  The Trust therefore offers generous Pearson and Silver Awards annually to pupils in Years 12 and 13 to assist with the cost of attending meetings or courses or carrying out projects with a classical content.  Applications are made in March each year.   For further information visit www.jact.org/events

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