A Level History

Why should I study History?

History offers you the opportunity to investigate how and why societies have changed over a period of time. The course will also help you to improve your analytical skills and will offer opportunities for investigation and debate; you will learn how to present a well-structured argument and to express your ideas clearly and confidently. History combines well with English, Languages, Classics, Geography, Politics and Economics; it also combines with Maths and the Science subjects to provide a varied portfolio of qualifications. Students who study history have access to a wide range of career and higher education opportunities; their skills in communicating ideas and analysing material are valued by universities and employers.

What will I need to study History?

You should have gained at least a grade A in History, or a related discipline, at GCSE. You should also enjoy reading and wish to pursue the study of evidence; you should have an enquiring mind and an interest in the past and its relevance to current affairs.

Structure and Outline of the Course:

We will follow a specification offered by Edexcel.

In Year 12 we will study two units. The first will be a study of the ‘USA, c1917–96: in search of the American Dream’.  In parallel pupils will study ‘India, c.1914-48: the road to Independence’.

In Year 13 we will study one unit on a period of British history; this will be a study of ‘Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors, 1485–1603’. The second unit is coursework; this will focus on either America or India.

This will give you a varied and exciting course covering a range of countries and periods; it will provide an excellent background to any student studying history at university.

Method of Assessment:

These will include source-based questions and essays.
Three examined units at the end of Year 13 and one piece of coursework.

Student Comments:

“It develops your mind to think analytically; it helps you to relate current affairs to the past. A historian will never completely believe what they read in a newspaper!”

“The teachers are so enthusiastic and clearly love their subject which makes it enjoyable for us to learn.”

 “History gives you the chance to learn and understand how events that happened years ago shaped our lives today. It also allows you to develop analytical and essay writing skills.”


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