A Level Geography

Did you know?
of our Geography A Level entrants achieved A*- B grades in 2017

Why should I study Geography? 

Geography is a wonderfully all-encompassing subject that is increasingly relevant in our global society. Our aim is to develop secure knowledge and understanding of the complex relationships between people and environment, ensuring consistent success in examinations for our students. The new A Level is intended to encourage students to study specified core content in more detail, with fieldwork as a key part of the specification.

We offer a varied programme of lessons and fieldwork, both locally and overseas. Previous destinations include Iceland, Sicily, Dorset and East London. Geography straddles the arts and sciences; it complements all areas of study and is a facilitating subject for a range of university courses and subsequent careers.

What will I need to study Geography?

We would expect a strong grade at GCSE for entry to the A Level course, but of greater importance is a curiosity about the world around us and an enquiring mind, together with a commitment to the subject. A proactive approach to independent study is also valuable, as it is crucial to keep up with contemporary issues.

Structure and Outline of the course:

The OCR A Level Geography course has a specified core content common to all the boards. The core physical themes are Landscape Systems and Earth’s Life Support Systems. The core human themes will be Changing Spaces, Making Places and Power and Borders. In addition we will cover optional topics of Disease Dilemmas and Tectonic Hazards or Oceans.

There will also be a non-examined assessment in the form of an individual investigation and report of about 3000-4000 words. Students have to undertake four days of fieldwork during the course which will cover both human and physical topics.

Method of Assessment:

Three examinations of approximately 90-120 minutes (80%)

A non-examined assessment of 3000-4000 words (20%)

Student Comments:

‘I really believe that my thirst and passion for learning stemmed from the thorough, engaging and enthusiastic teaching at Putney, so I cannot thank the school enough for the success to which it has led me.’ Putney Old Girl Cambridge University graduate.

‘Geography is one of the lessons I genuinely look forward to. I really like the way we regularly step beyond the syllabus’ Year 13 Student

‘I like the fact that Geography encompasses everything! It provides me with analytical and research skills which have been useful in all my other subjects. I’ve loved the fieldwork in Dorset and Iceland!’ Year 12 Student.

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