A Level Chemistry

Why should I study Chemistry?

You should study Chemistry beyond GCSE if you have an interest in and enjoy the subject; it is an essential subject if you wish to pursue a medical-related or science-based career. It will develop your ability to think logically and to express yourself clearly. You will gain a better appreciation of the world around us and learn more about the contribution of chemistry to our modern way of life in areas such as medicine, materials and food. You will be better informed about some of the major current issues such as protection of the environment and energy resources. It will help you to develop your practical and problem solving skills and to become more scientifically literate, which is valuable whatever career path you may follow.  This subject is highly rated by employers and universities.

What will I need to study Chemistry?
  • An inquiring mind and an interest in problem-solving
  • An interest in the world around you
  • A passion for practical work
  • At least a grade A in GCSE Chemistry (or an A grade equivalent in the Chemistry component of the Science & Additional Science GCSE)

Structure and Outline of the course:

This is a new A Level course, consisting of six modules, taught over two years. The A Level requires a more mature approach to tasks and the ability to apply knowledge, understanding and other skills developed throughout the course to novel or unfamiliar situations.

Module 1 is focused on the practical skills required for investigating Chemical systems, and is embedded throughout the other Modules.

Module 2 Atoms, compounds, molecules and equations

Module 3 Periodic table and energy

Module 4 Core organic chemistry

Module 5 Physical chemistry and transition elements

Module 6 Organic chemistry and analysis

Method of Assessment:

Three papers in total. Two papers have multiple choice questions and are 2 hours and 15 minutes in length; the third paper is 90 minutes in length. The practical aspect is examined and reported separately.

Student Comments:

“I enjoy the practicals we do in A Level. They are more exciting and have relevance to real-life situations. I also like the fact that we can use a variety of chemicals and apparatus which we would not otherwise be able to use.”

“I chose Chemistry A Level, because it is fascinating yet challenging. Also I think it is a very important subject, because it gives you a wide range of career paths. It is the back bone of science and research, and overlaps well with many other subjects such as Biology and Maths.”

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