Did you know?
years of history are studied at Putney High School

The History department offers students an insight into real lives. The six members of the department are all passionate about history and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm with students. We provide pupils with a sound foundation of historical knowledge and analytical skills, and crucial concepts of citizenship.

Key Stage 3:

Year 7 pupils begin their historical studies at Putney by exploring medieval realms. As they progress to Year 8, students focus on the development of the United Kingdom in the 16th and 17th centuries. In Year 9, pupils turn their attention to on European history in the 20th century.


The Russian Revolution unit examines the nature of autocracy and opposition to Tsarist rule, the impact of Rasputin and the First World War and the creation of the Communist State under Lenin.

The Superpower Relations topic focuses on the Cold War that emerged after the Second World War and considers the building of the Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The final unit is a breadth study examining change and continuity over time. Pupils study the changing nature of warfare from 1936 – 2003 examining the Second World War, the Arab-Israeli conflicts and the first Gulf War, guerrilla warfare in Vietnam and Afghanistan, and more recent issues such as atomic warfare and terrorism.

Extension Activities:

We support our lessons with a range of visits and lectures. These include a Year 9 visit to Ypres, a Sixth From trip to New York and a trip to Krakow. Year 12 pupils attend lectures to extend their knowledge of American History and Year 13 girls make use of the nearby National Archives at Kew when studying the Civil War.

In addition to these trips, students are encouraged to attend lectures held by local history societies and to participate in debating. 

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