The Politics department teaches students about the relationship between political ideas and political institutions. It also gives them a solid grasp on the nature of politics and political ideas in the UK and the USA with comparisons to the political systems of other countries.

A Level:

Students become more critically aware of the nature of politics and political ideas. In Year 12, we study the UK political system and evaluate the extent to which it is a ‘democratic’ system of government. In Year 13, pupils cover the American political system in depth and will learn about core political ideas, such as socialism, liberalism and feminism. Politics is an academically rigorous subject that will teach you how to argue your point of view cogently and persuasively and how to present a well-turned argument, both on paper and orally. The emphasis will be on analysis and investigation.

Extension Activities:

The course is supplemented by visits to the Houses of Parliament and talks from visiting political commentators, such as Lord Norton of Louth and Justine Greening MP. Girls are encouraged to participate in the Model United Nations competition. Previously, Year 12 students attended a politics conference where they heard a range of high profile MPs, from John Bercow MP to Tony Benn. Year 13 attend a conference at the British Library to hear talks from members of Congress about the state of US politics.

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