Economics and Business

Our Economics and Business department aims to make both subjects inspiring and relevant to the real world. The dynamic nature of economics and business is brought into the classroom with daily newspapers and the internet. Students are encouraged to achieve their full potential through activities including visits, role play, drama, independent research and presentations as well as competitions. 

A Level Economics

Pupils study how and why economic systems function as they do. The course is based around four themes which comprise the microeconomic environment (individuals’ decisions and firms’ behaviour), and macroeconomics (UK and the global economy). The course develops an understanding of many issues such as market competition, government policy, international trade, and sustainable economic development. Elements of economic history and behavioural economics are also covered.

A Level Business:

Pupils study businesses in a variety of contexts within competitive environments: large/small, UK/global, service/manufacturing. Impacts of decision-making on the functional areas of business (finance, marketing, operations and human resources) are considered, alongside ethical and environmental aspects. Impacts from advances in technology are considered, as will the wider external business environment, both domestic and international. Much of the discussion and course delivery will be based on case studies of real business scenarios. 
From September 2017 the Cambridge International Pre-U in Business and Management will replace the A Level in Business. The Pre-U has a slightly greater depth of content than the A Level and includes more economics and use of statistics. Assessment is via two written papers and an independent investigation to be carried out in the summer term which will allow students to research and make recommendations on a local, small business.
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