Design Technology

Design Technology is a creative and technological discipline in which students are taught to develop their flair and technical awareness through the development of innovative products in different materials. The department aims to equip students with a passion for design and an ability to create quality products.

Our curriculum is based on dynamic problem-solving. It offers students the opportunity to become independent thinkers with the capacity to take risks. They also evaluate their own work and the work of others. Students complete challenging design assignments and sit written assessments throughout the course.

Key Stage 3:

In Year 7, our pupils are introduced to Health and Safety procedures and basic manufacturing processes. They design and manufacture a toy for a specific client and learn to use a sewing machine to make a bag.

During Year 8, girls develop their designing and making skills and are introduced to advanced industrial practices such as CAD/CAM and pattern development. They work in groups to batch produce a household product inspired by a historical design movement. There is a project where bold patterned fabrics are used to design and make casual trousers and a customised T-shirt.

In Year 9, pupils take part in an upcycling project using a combination of materials and processes. They also use fabric manipulation techniques to make a designer skirt.


The GCSE Design Technology course is taught through specialist pathways: Product Design or Fashion & Textiles. It aims to nurture creativity and originality. Pupils will be challenged by a range of practical activities and encouraged to design innovative products or garments that have never been seen before. The interactive lessons involve the study of products and garments and their impact in our man-made and natural world. Classes participate in lively debates about designers and their influence on society whilst developing awareness of manufacturing processes and new materials.

Extension Activities:

Our Design Technology lunchtime workshops include Creative Corner, Jewellery Club, Fashion Club and Young Engineers. The department has strong industry links and students work on projects with practising professionals in the fields of Fashion, Design and Engineering. Pupils are informed of upcoming co-curricular events connected to these professional fields and take part in design competitions.

Sixth Form students attend lectures during the London Design Festival and visit relevant exhibitions.  Talented Year 11 students are encouraged to apply for the prestigious Arkwright Scholarship.

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