Politics, Philosophy and Economics

In Year 10, pupils follow a carousel of activities to help develop their public speaking, philosophical thought process and economic awareness. It is non-examined so girls are given space and time to develop these skills and processes. There are five aspects to the course: politics, philosophy, philosophy of art, economics and public speaking.


Students consider the key ideals underpinning a range of political ideologies, such as socialism, liberalism and feminism. This allows for the clarification and development of their own ideological beliefs and a better understand the political world around them.


Pupils cover a variety of philosophies which link to questions surrounding our existence, including epistemology, concepts of reality, truth, immaterialism and deontology. The course focuses on key philosophers from the Stoic period through to the Enlightenment. Students also investigate different philosophical approaches in art, such as expressionism, instrumentalism and moralism.


Girls explore a variety of both business and economics. Topics studies include pay and tax, entrepreneurship, public finances, demand and supply analysis, and a SWOT analysis of a business. Current affairs and topical events are also used to highlight how economics and business is relevant to so many areas of life.

Public Speaking:

In debating sessions, students receive training in the British Parliamentary format. Students learn how to frame and rebut arguments, define motions, accept and receive points of information, and summarise points of clash. Each session features a whole-class British Parliamentary debate

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