Music Scholarships

If you have an academically gifted daughter with a musical bent, try very hard to get her a place here."
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A number of Music Scholarships are available at 11+ (Year 7 entry).

Candidates must also satisfy the Putney High School entry requirements. Any candidate accepting a scholarship will be expected to participate fully in the school’s orchestras, choirs and chamber ensembles and to complement her practical activities with the academic study of Music to at least GCSE level. We look to our Music Scholars to lead by example in every respect - artistry, technique, commitment and punctuality.

Music Scholars should be prepared to lead or direct a vocal or instrumental ensemble, perform solos and represent the school in Music Festivals and other events as appropriate.

Applicants who apply for scholarships at 11+ will be expected to have reached a standard of Associated Board Grade 5 on their first instrument and have some keyboard ability. We award a number of scholarships up to the value of 50%.

The deadline for 11+ Music scholarship applications is  Thursday 16 November 2017 at 4pm and should be submitted alongside the main application form (PDF, 36 KB).

11+ Music Scholars' Come and Play morning

This event is open to applicants who will be in Years 5 or 6 from September 2017 and may be interested in applying for a Music scholarship - or indeed, who may be interested in finding out more about the opportunities in the Senior School. Applicants have the chance to play music together and to work with our existing Music scholars. Parents are invited to enjoy some performances at the end of the morning, and are welcome to ask questions. The next event will be held on the morning of Saturday 11 November 2017.

11+ Music Scholarships (Year 7)

Applicants who apply for 11+ scholarships should have reached a standard of Associated Board Grade 5 on their first instrument and ideally have some keyboard ability. We award a number of scholarships up to the value of 50%.

A single round of auditions is held on Monday 11 December 2017. This means that some selection takes place at the application stage.

Application requirements

  • A completed application form
  • A musical reference using our Music Scholarship Reference Form (below) 

Please note we are only able to consider applications that are accompanied by both the application form and the reference.

Audition requirements

  • Candidates should prepare a programme of no more than 10 minutes in length. This may either be presented solely on the girl’s first instrument, or the time may be split to allow performances on two instruments
  • Sight-reading on the candidate's first instrument
  • Aural tests
  • All candidates are asked to sing a short song, either with or without accompaniment

There will be time for a short informal chat at the end of the audition.

Candidates may bring their own accompanist if they wish or use one provided by the school. Please make your choice clear on the application form.

Preparing For Your Music Scholarship Audition (11+)

The audition will include tests in Sight Reading (instrumental and vocal) and Aural Tests. These will be of approximately Grade 4/5 standard for 11+ .

When deciding which piece/s to play, please bear the following in mind:

Length – be aware of the maximum length your piece(s) should be. If playing more than one piece, consider the need for a balanced programme that shows you at your best.

Difficulty – choose pieces that you can play comfortably and musically. A performance of a more modest piece that is absolutely accurate and full of musical interest and detail will impress us far more than a difficult piece played less accurately.

Accompaniment – if your piece has a piano part, remember to bring it with you and let us know if you would like us to provide you with an accompanist.

Be prepared to tell us something about your chosen pieces any interesting features and perhaps a little general information about the composer.

Singing – we would like to hear you sing – a Christmas song that you may have learned with your school choir would be fine. Please bring the piano accompaniment if it has one.


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