Applying for a Bursary


Bursaries – Senior School (Years 7 and Year 12 entry only)

Bursaries are means-tested and are designed to ensure that applicants who meet the school’s entry requirements are able to take up a place regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. Bursary awards will vary depending on individual circumstances and joint household income and assets are taken into account. The maximum award is 100%. The GDST document outlines the criteria the GDST use in their assessment for eligibility and can be seen here. 

If you wish to apply for a bursary, please tick the appropriate box on the application form. Once applied you will receive personal log-in details via email. You will then be required to send in certain documentation by post to the GDST Trust, within two weeks of receiving the log-in account details.

 Please note the following deadlines for Trust receiving all Bursary documentation:

 Year 7 - Application deadline 16 November 2017. Bursary deadline 30 November 2017

 Year 12 - Application deadline 20 October 2017. Bursary deadline 3 November 2017

Applicants who qualify for a bursary are notified of the value of their award at the time of a place being offered. If the applicant is awarded a bursary, it is expected that this will remain throughout their time at Putney High School from when they join us to the completion of their A-level studies in Year 13, dependent on continuing good progress and conduct. The value of the award will be reviewed by the GDST annually around April.

The GDST handles all bursary procedures. 

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