Financial Matters

Payment of Fees

The usual way of paying fees is monthly through the direct debit system, but parents can also pay in termly instalments. The fees cover the regular curriculum, school books, stationery and other materials, external careers consultancy, choral music, games and public examination fees but not optional extra subjects or school lunch.

Lunch is compulsory for all pupils in Reception through to and including Year 11. For 2017/18 the charge per term is £194.33 (Reception and Years 1 and 2) and £230 per term (Year 3 to Year 11). This is charged separately on the fees account. Lunches for the Sixth Form can be purchased on the day.

Whenever possible, a term’s notice will be given of the intention to increase the fees for tuition, lunch or extra subjects. However, if circumstances arise in which costs (e.g. substantial increases in teachers’ salaries) have to be recouped immediately, the Council of the Trust may be forced to increase fees at less than a term’s notice. 

Registration Fee

A fee of £100 (£150 for overseas applications) is charged which is not refundable.

For families applying for a Bursary place the Registration Fee may be waived upon receipt of payment of Income Support or Housing Benefit.

Acceptance Deposit

An acceptance deposit of £1,000 is required in order to accept and secure the place. This acceptance deposit is refunded after the pupil has left (after deducting any outstanding amounts due to the school or the Trust). This fee is not returned if a pupil is withdrawn after the place has been accepted.

Music fees

The fees for instrumental and vocal tuition are set by our specialist visiting teachers.

Tuition is available in voice (Senior School only), piano, harp, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, recorder, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, violin, viola, cello, double bass and drum kit.

Junior School -  £197 per 10 x 30 minute individual lessons, £107 per 10 x 30 minute shared lessons (if these are requested and can be timetabled.)

Senior School - £264 per 10 x 40 minute individual lessons; £140 per 10 x 40 minute shared lessons (if these are requested and can be timetabled.)

Piano tuition is not available as a shared lesson. 

Accounts for tuition will be sent direct by the teachers concerned.

Please note that 30 lessons will be given each year, though the number per term may vary - 12, 10, 8 is a common pattern.

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