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If you have just finished university or are just about to then we would like to hear from you! Please take a moment to complete our secure online form so that we are able to stay in touch and keep our records up to date. This means we can invite you to alumnae events that match your subject studied or chosen vocation, invite you back for alumnae career lunches and follow your exciting career as it unfolds!

We are committed to keeping your records as accurate as possible.We will only use this information for alumnae services and/or to contact you on behalf of Putney High School or the GDST. 

Your information will not be shared with or divulged to any person or organisation outside the GDST, its schools, relevant alumni associations or organisations working on its behalf without your permission.


Reconnect with Putney through our Archives

We are thrilled to have made some of Putney High School’s archives available online for alumnae to enjoy. Click here to relive some of your school memories or visit

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