Beyond the Classroom

Excellent expressive, creative, artistic and musical skills are evident in all age groups."
ISI report

Putney offers a breathtaking range of activities designed to nurture intellectual agility, spark creativity and develop leadership and team working skills – not to mention being lots of fun! There are over 100 co-curricular activities available in school and pupils spend an average of 8–10 hours per week enriching their studies beyond the classroom in the realms of Academic and Enrichment (Super-curriculum), Art, Design, Drama, Music and Sport.

At Putney High School we believe that a vibrant Co-curriculum programme is a vital ingredient in the school experience, not only helping pupils build towards their academic and career goals, but contributing to their personal growth and sense of belonging. Whether pushing their intellectual horizons, training for sports competitions or rehearsing for performances, Putney girls constantly test their limits and in the process learn how to lead, how to explore, how to support, how to adapt and how to succeed.

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