The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent due to the high quality of welfare and pastoral support"
ISI report

Our pastoral system underpins every aspect of life at school and focuses on knowing the needs of the individual. Our vision is to equip every pupil with the skills and confidence to become a woman of distinction with a strong sense of identity and integrity in the complex world of the 21st century.

Being heard

The pastoral system ensures every girl feels valued and listened to, and girls have daily support from teachers, tutors and mentors, as well as specifically appointed experts, such as a counsellor and school nurse. Everyone knows whom to approach should they need a listening ear or additional support.

Supporting students through every stage

Our rich and varied Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education programme anticipates some of the challenges pertinent to each age group and helps develop girls’ emotional literacy. We also offer a series of talks, with topics often chosen by the pupils, by lead professionals in their fields, which support both girls and their parents through the teenage years. In addition, we provide a host of clubs and societies where girls can experience new and exciting subjects and make friends with peers from different forms and year groups. 

Part of a community

Each girl belongs to one of our very active four Houses, where they work together to raise money for their chosen charity or endorse the local community to help transform the lives of others.

By supporting every girl, challenging them and promoting self-confidence in a happy and warm environment, we strive to ensure each girl at Putney High School will thrive.

Developing leaders

Opportunities for girls to develop leadership skills abound at Putney. Within Form Groups, there are several posts of responsibility, which prepare girls for taking on larger roles in the school community as they become older.

Our Head Girl team of a Head Girl and three Deputies is very active in the day-to-day running of the school, assisted by a team of over 30 prefects. Prefect roles range from directing Drama productions and conducting House Choirs to assisting in welcoming parents at our Progress Review Evenings. Many girls also take leading roles in our Co-Curricular Activities. Our girls leave Putney as reliable, ‘can-do’ young women!

The quality of our pastoral care was praised in our ISI report in autumn 2015. The report stated: “Pupils of all ages exhibit excellent behaviour and a strong moral code and are kind and courteous to each other. Pupils grow in self esteem due to encouragement by the school to value and express their own opinions, become leaders and take responsibility for their actions." 

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