Gifted and Talented

Our provision for gifted and talented pupils is an integral part of daily life rather than an add-on. In every subject girls are given the opportunity to perform at a high level both within lessons and through co-curricular extension activities. We aim to nurture their talent and provide them with the opportunity to challenge themselves and explore things deeply. There is no pre-determined expectation of what girls can achieve - this is learning without limits.

The following table outlines just a few of the extension activities on offer in subject areas.


Subject area

Extension activities


Speaking and Listening Festival

Creative Writing Competition

Library Committee

English Speaking Board Examinations

LAMDA Examinations

Y6 Extension Project


Maths Day


Chess Club

Junior School Mathematics Challenge 

Maths Challenge Clubs


Y6 Science Club

Science Day

Gardening Club


Annual History Project


Geosquish Competition 


Differentiated teams for all sports

Judo Club

Dance Clubs


ICT Clubs


Art Competitions

Art Clubs


Small Choir


String Quartet

Informal Concerts

Valentine Music Festival

Assembly and concert performances

As well as subject-specific opportunities, we are keen for girls to develop a love of learning and a desire to learn more. To this end we hold Mini-PIE talks covering an extensive range of topics which allow the girls to see what a wealth of opportunities they have before them and excite them to push their knowledge even further.

Below is an explanation of some of the activities:


Visiting experts, for example from Dulwich Picture Gallery to complete workshops, providing extension opportunities for girls

French Bi-lingual

For girls from Reception to Year 6


Competitions at school, regional and national level. In gymnastics elite students have additional training with coaches and have gained success in competitions such as British Tumbling Championships.

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